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BPDA approves Commonwealth Pier Project

Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) board has approved the revitalization of the Seaport World Trade Center on Commonwealth Pier.

The project will create a new waterfront destination, delivering greater public access to Boston Harbor, fresh amenities, vibrant retail offerings, new first-class Seaport Hotel event spaces, and a unique flexible workspace to be leased entirely by Fidelity Investments. Construction is expected to begin in 2020 with full occupancy expected by 2024.

Andrew Dankwerth, Senior Vice President, Design & Development commented: “After several years of planning and design work, we’re thrilled to be taking another step forward with our revitalization of Commonwealth Pier. We’re excited for the opportunity to reintroduce the Pier as a new destination in what has become a thriving neighborhood. Our project will bring new life to this iconic building, inviting more people onto the pier, coupled with public realm programming, to create a waterfront experience unlike anything else in Boston.”

Community Benefits Highlights:

  • A 25,000 sq ft open-air public Harbor Plaza with landscaping, seating and programming that will accommodate outdoor events and year-round activities
  • Significantly improved public access to the waterfront with apron expansions and an updated landscaped Harborwalk featuring five programmed niche spaces cut out of the building’s perimeter, as well as new seating, lighting and cultural signage
  • Preserved and protected maritime uses and improved water transportation facilities, including increased berthing areas, expanded ticketing and queuing areas, and new covered waiting areas
  • The addition of dock space for a future water shuttle stop on Commonwealth Pier, further expanding the Pier’s role as a maritime transportation hub
  • 45,000 sq ft of retail within a new street front retail colonnade in the iconic Headhouse, part of an enhanced pedestrian experience along Seaport Boulevard with the removal of the existing loading docks, widened sidewalks and new curb-side drop off zones
  • A public terrace on the upper level of the Headhouse providing outdoor dining and a unique viewpoint over the neighborhood and the City
  • Entirely new Seaport Hotel ballroom and event facilities featuring first-class indoor and outdoor spaces both within and adjacent to the revitalized Headhouse
  • Approximately 3,000 sq ft of space that will be periodically available for complimentary use by community groups
  • Contributions towards a resiliency study of the Seaport District and non-profit neighborhood groups
  • Support for the City of Boston’s resiliency objectives by incorporating building and site climate change adaptation strategies and improvements
  • Advanced sustainability measures that target LEED Version 4 Gold Certification

The project scope includes replacing the existing Commonwealth Hall to allow for more accessible and relevant public waterfront amenities, including approximately 170,445 sq ft of new and enhanced outdoor public space. While transformative in nature, the project will not add substantial density or height, will continue to respect its historic origins and mercantile waterfront roots, preserve an important and unique architectural resource, and complement the Seaport District’s continued growth and evolution.

In February, we submitted a Project Notification Form (PNF) for the revitalization of Commonwealth Pier. In conjunction with Massport, which owns the land on which the Commonwealth Pier sits, we have worked closely with state and local officials and the IAG throughout the permitting process. The project is expected to add 1,000 to 1,500 new construction jobs and will comply with City and State guidelines for diversity and inclusion in the procurement of construction services.

Commonwealth Pier, Boston

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