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Thoughtfully sustainable

We’re committed to achieving net zero by 2035 or sooner

We’re creating and managing environmentally sustainable and healthy buildings that deliver the best outcomes for our tenants, investors, and our communities.

A global strategy

Sustainable, healthy buildings

As our portfolio continues to evolve and our business matures, we’ve articulated our global strategy for the delivery of environmentally sustainable, healthy buildings with measurable goals to ensure accountability and impact.


Net zero carbon for the operation of our assets or sooner


Net zero carbon for the whole life cycle or sooner
We’re committed
to net zero by 2035

Our portfolio-wide strategy (2022)

Our commitment

Sustainable by design

Defined focus areas enable us to create action plans and demonstrate real impact across our assets.

Reducing energy consumption

We’re improving energy efficiency and resilience

Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions & carbon footprints

We’re reducing resource use and improving build and management efficiency

Maximizing health & wellbeing

We’re creating healthy environments which benefit our tenants and communities

Enhancing climate resilience

We’re planning ahead, ensuring our buildings are fit for the future

Our Director of Sustainability

Caroline Johns strategically directs, manages, and advances sustainability goals across Pembroke’s global portfolio.

Caroline Johns
Our approach

The core of what we do

We’re focused on creating spaces that work for people and believe a portfolio-led strategy will yield the greatest environmental impact.

We have been delivering sustainable solutions as part of our development and delivery of global real estate since our inception.

Healthy lifestyles should be encouraged through healthy workplace environments, our focus is providing sustainable flexible spaces with natural light, fresh air intake, green spaces with carefully curated amenities that support health and wellness.


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