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400 Fairview leases full floor by industry leaders, Skansa and Group14 Technologies

The fully leased office building, demonstrates that 400 Fairview is a thriving hub for innovation and creative thinking.

Pembroke announced today that office space at its sought-after property, 400 Fairview, is fully leased. 400 Fairview’s South Lake Union neighborhood is a booming hub for technology and entrepreneurial ventures.

The two new tenants are Group14 Technologies, the world’s largest global manufacturer and supplier of advanced silicon battery materials, and Skanska, one of the world’s largest project development and construction companies. Skanska was the original developer and general contractor of 400 Fairview, so the company’s return feels like a homecoming.

According to Stacey Spurr at Pembroke, “Pembroke cares about creating places for people and understands that office buildings are no longer just places to work but also places to connect, socialize, collaborate and dine. We’re thrilled to be bringing these two companies to 400 Fairview and are excited to share all that the building has to offer.”

The 14-story building features wide-open, flexible floor plans, natural sunlight and breathtaking views of the Olympics, Lake Union, and urban Seattle. 400 Fairview’s bustling retail space, Fairview Market Hall, is home to a eclectic mixture of eateries, bars and artisan coffee shops considered hip and happening by Seattle’s insiders.

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