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Designed For collaboration

Seattle, United States
349,000 sq ft / 32,400 sq m
400 Fairview overview

Designed for collaboration

400 Fairview is a LEED Gold, best-in-class office property located in the most sought-after Seattle submarket, South Lake Union.

Designed to blend local dynamic retail with flexible and compelling collaborative workspaces, 400 Fairview is the headquarters for a mix of high-profile office tenants. Fairview Market Hall occupies the ground floor and is home to a collection of locally cultivated artisan bakeries, restaurants and retailers, including Mbar, Mochinut and Ladro coffee.




Delivering creativity & innovation

Inspiring creativity

The 14 floor LEED Gold building is comprised of collaborative and creative workspaces, featuring a side-loaded core, wide-open and flexible floor plans, natural sunlight and breathtaking views of the Olympics, water and urban Seattle.

Ease of access

400 Fairview is located only one block from on and off ramps to I-5 providing unmatched access and shorter commute times, traveling to and from the building is convenient and stress-free.
400 Fairview retail

Enabling the creative flow

The Hall at 400 Fairview is a street-side market designed to capture the spirit and energy of Seattle. It’s a place to experience commerce and human connection, intentionally created with a variety of flexible spaces and an open layout.

Key contacts

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