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Chef Matteo Ferrantino’s new restaurant opening


We have announced the successful signing of Bianc. Bianc’s official opening on 16 November at S-Kai.

The restaurant’s Mediterranean-style offering occupies 320 sq m of ground floor space on a 10 year lease, and will accommodate 35 guests. S-Kai, located moments from the CBD yet overlooking the lush green space of Sandtorpark, has enviable views of the Elbe waterfront and Elbphilharmonie, the cultural destination in view from Bianc’s seating space.

Nick Moldon, Vice President, Head of UK and Germany, commented: S-Kai benefits from being exceptionally well-connected to Hamburg’s city centre while also providing the work and leisure offerings today’s businesses are increasingly looking for. Although the space was not originally zoned or fitted out with restaurant infrastructure, we recognised Bianc’s vision of quality and excellence would be a perfect addition to S-Kai, our tenants and the wider community. As such, over the course of a year we have worked closely with Matteo Ferrantino to customize the space to the restaurant’s needs and are delighted with the final product.

Founder of Bianc restaurant, Matteo Ferrantino, commented: Last year as I was walking past the Sandtorpark in HafenCity, where the Bianc restaurant is today, I was immediately taken aback by the architecture, the park and the stunning backdrop. The S-Kai building offers a view from all corners of the restaurant onto the breathtaking concert hall – the symbol and perfect coupling of North and South: Hamburg’s new landmark combined with my Mediterranean kitchen. My goal is for Bianc to be a magnet for all gourmet lovers and friends of good food as the Elbphilharmonie is for music lovers.

With its distinguishing S-shape configuration and eye catching dark red façade, S-Kai is a 14,200 sq m flexible and contemporary mixed-use property that complements the aesthetic of nearby historic Speicherstadt. Acquired in 2015, S-Kai is one of three HafenCity properties encompassing our Hamburg portfolio: International Coffee Plaza and Hamburg American Centre round out the more than 32,000 sq m of modern office and retail space allowing occupiers to work and play in this exciting extension of the city centre.


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