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Statement regarding status: Hästen 21

Ten years ago, we began developing the centrally located city block in Stockholm that would become known as Project Access. Hästen 21 represents the final stage in this process, promising a vibrant mixed-use space to punctuate this revitalized area

Our close partnership with the City of Stockholm over the past four years has resulted in a final “detailed development plan” for Hästen 21. We have enjoyed strong political support for the development as well as for Project Access, which aims to improve accessibility and overall attractiveness for the entire city block.

On August 30 the second public consultation for Hästen 21 concluded. On September 19 the Stockholm County Administrative Board (Stockholm’s Läns Länsstyrelse) issued a formal review in which it objected to the demolition of the existing building.

We will continue to work with the City of Stockholm on the plans for Hästen 21, which both parties believe will bring major improvements to the city center.

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