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Pembroke Acquires The Lark, Its First European Residential Property

The purchase marks Pembroke’s first step into the European residential market, and the deal is hoped to pave the way to a more diversified portfolio for Pembroke.

Matthew Knight, Vice President, European Development & Head of UK, said, We’ve seen the hotelification of offices recently, and a younger generation which seeks out community lifestyle and experience all the time, so we can bring our expertise in amenity in offices into our experiences in residential.”

Pembroke’s team are city specialists and recognize an important real estate trend emerging post pandemic: People want places where they can work, play, and do everything in between. The Lark certainly offers a full spectrum of experiences for its residents with its communal garden, close access to public transportation, cinema, coffee bar, lounge and work spaces. Expect more strategic acquisitions like this from Pembroke to follow.

Find out more about The Lark here –

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