24 August 2016 - Tokyo

Tri-Seven Roppongi Open Retail Space on September 16

Barney’s New York and Blue Bottle Coffee will both open first stores in Roppongi

Barney’s New York and Blue Bottle Coffee will both open first stores in Roppongi

Pembroke Real Estate Japan LLC ( Minato-ku, Tokyo) announced today that American-originated speciality retailers Barneys New York and Blue Bottle Coffee will open new locations at its ‘Tri-Seven Roppongi’ property on September 16th. The arrival of these two speciality stores marks the formal opening of the retail space at Tri-Seven Roppongi located in the heart of the Roppongi area and adjacent to Tokyo Midtown.

Takashi Endo, Head of Japan, Asset Managment, Pembroke Real Estate said:

Our goal has been to create a unique dynamic space with a sense of luxury for both our tenants and visitors, while also contributing to the revitalization of the Roppongi area. Barneys New York and Blue Bottle Coffee reflect the quality and calibre of Tri-Seven and we are deelpy honored to welcome them to the property. We are committed to working with these retailers to firmly establish Roppongi as a destination for business and leisure, and further enhance the value of the area

Tri-Seven Roppongi is a premium 14-story Grade A quality office and retail development with appoximately 9,500 tsubo (appoximately 31,434 sq m) of gross floor area. Since its completion in March, 63% of the space, including four office tenants, is occupied. Tri-Seven Roppongi is desgined for efficiency and comfort, incorporating advanced technologies focusing on occupiers’ well-being and productivity.

‘Barneys New York Roppongi’ is incorporating the theme ‘better than ever’ for its new store location, offering shopping experiences that ‘have never been done before’ with an advanced ‘ sense of fashion and luxury’. The Roppongi location will showcase a cutting-edge lineup of new brands from around the globe, including product lines Mens44 and Womens108, among other luxry designers. Also, on occasion, the shop will be transformed into an art space for various events. The haute couture flower show ‘JARDINS des FLEURS,’ by flower artist Mr. Makoto Azuma, will be set up for a limited time at the opening event.

Blue Bottle Coffee Roppongi Cafe’ provides a space where busy professionals can enjoy the transition of the four seasons among greenery and natural light with a location directly opposite Tokyo Midtown. Using fresh coffee beans roasted daily at the nearby Kiyosumi Shirakawa Roastery and Cafe’. Blue Bottle Coffee aims to provide a welcoming retreat for local residents and visitors. Upon opening, a range of products and food limited to the Roppongi store will be specially prepared and on sale.

About Barneys Japan

Barneys Japan K.K received its master license from Barneys Inc. in 1989 and has expanded to 5 shops in Ginza, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Kobe and Fukuoka. With unique displays, high-level customer service, and exclusive lineups, it has established the firm to be an unparalleled brand as a ‘ speciality store’ in Japan. Following success in the capital region and the Kansai/Kyushu region, it has moved to opening even more stores and decided to open the Roppongi branch, the thirs store in Tokyo, as part of it’s development.

About Blue Bottle Coffee

Founded by James Freeman in 2002, Blue Bottle Coffee has 26 branches in the four urban areas of San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, and Tokyo as of August 2016. Blue Bottle Coffee pursues ‘deliciousness’ thoroughly. Coffee beans are carefully selected and placed in shops within 48 hours after roasting. On opening a new branch, it builds a roaster first to locate a cafe’ within a local range of delivery so that it can provide only the freshest coffee to its customers.

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