18 October 2017 - Stockholm

Pembroke has the happiest tenants in Sweden

Pembroke Real Estate has Sweden’s most satisfied office tenants. As announced yesterday at the annual results of Fastighetsbarometern Office


Pembroke has Sweden’s most satisfied office tenants. As announced yesterday at the annual results of Fastighetsbarometern Office, the national tenant survey conducted by the CFI Group, on behalf of Sweden’s most prominent property owners (Fastighetsägarna). The survey measures tenants’ satisfaction with the facilities, service and quality of management in office buildings across Sweden.

Pembroke made a strategic decision to perform property management by an in-house team, instead of outsourcing to 3rd parties. Together with carefully selected specialists including H2M Fastighetsteknik and Coor Service Management, Pembroke has developed a unique approach to customer service at each of its four Stockholm buildings.

Pembroke tops Fastighetsbarometern Office 2017 with a customer satisfaction Index (CSI) of 83 and thus has Sweden’s most satisfied office tenants. An active and long-term focus on customer satisfaction is behind the award. Last year, Pembroke participated for the first time which resulted in a third place. An even more dedicated focus on customer satisfaction resulted in a first place this year.

Mark Takeuchi, Managing Director at Pembroke, describes the success:

We are extremely proud to have come first in this prestigious survey. Since Pembroke established an office in Sweden nearly ten years’ ago, we have been working closely with our tenants to improve their work environments, not just develop best-in-class, amenity-rich properties like Mästerhuset, but to complement those buildings with outstanding customer service from our in-house team. Today’s recognition from our tenants is a testament to their hard work.

The overall customer satisfaction index is unchanged from 2016 and remains at 73 on a 100-point scale, which is a tie of the second index measured since the inception of the Fastighetsbarometern 1997. The areas strongest driver of customer satisfaction is how the property owner lives up to the image the company has, the service given to the tenants, the perception of the local and property sitting in as a tenant and how error reports are processed.

Karl Sundholm, Property Manager at Pembroke said:

We offer our tenants an added value in the form of an enhanced level of service. This consists of everything from dedicated receptionists to our own commitment to details such as facility cleaning; we also have an extra focus on safety. In this way, we help our tenants to focus on their business while we focus on the surroundings and service. We are very proud that our investment in added value has given us the first place this year

Reinhold Lennebo, CEO Real Estate Owners Sweden said:

To know and understand the needs of your customers is fundamental to how property owners should adapt its offer to tenants. Fastighetsbarometern Office is a good tool to measure customer satisfaction of office tenants and gives property owners the opportunity to prioritize the areas of management that are most important for the tenant

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